Our Health Counts Publications

Journal Articles

(2022) Relationships to land as a determinant of wellness for Indigenous women, two-spirit, trans, and gender diverse people of reproductive age in Toronto, Canada. Jubinville, D., Smylie, J., Wolfe, S. et al. CJPH.

(2020) It’s not like I’m more Indigenous there and I’m less Indigenous here.”: Urban Métis women’s identity and access to health and social services in Toronto, Canada. Monchalin, R., Smylie, J., & Bourgeois, C. AlterNative.

(2019) Unmet health needs and discrimination by healthcare providers among an Indigenous population in Toronto, Canada. Kitching, G.T., Firestone, M., Schei, B. et al. CJPH.

(2019) ““I would prefer to have my health care provided over a cup of tea any day”: recommendations by urban Métis women to improve access to health and social services in Toronto for the Métis community”. Monchalin, R., Smylie, J., Bourgeois, C., & Firestone, M. AlterNative.

(2018) Our Health Counts: Population-Based Measures of Urban Inuit Health Determinants, Health Status, and Health Care Access. Janet Smylie, Michelle Firestone & Michael W. Spiller. CJPH.

(2018) A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Relationship Between Diabetes and Health Access Barriers in an Urban First Nations Population in Canada. Michael Beckett, Michelle Firestone, Constance D McKnight et al. BMJ Open.

(2015) Mental health and substance use in an urban First Nations population in Hamilton, Ontario. Firestone M, Smylie J, Maracle S et al. CJPH.

Methodologies or Methods

(2017) Our Health Counts Toronto – Using Respondent-Driven Sampling To Unmask Census Undercounts Of An Urban Indigenous Population in Toronto, Canada. Michael A Rotondi, Patricia O’Campo, Kristen O’Brien et al. BMJ Open.

(2015) Concept Mapping: Application of a Community-Based Methodology in Three Urban Aboriginal Populations. Michelle Firestone, Janet Smylie, Sylvia Maracle, et al. AICRJ.

(2014) Unmasking Health Determinants and Health Outcomes for Urban First Nations Using Respondent Driven Sampling. Firestone M, Smylie J, Maracle S, et al. BMJ Open.


(2015) Back to Basics: Identifying and Addressing Underlying Challenges in Achieving High Quality Relevant Health Statistics for Indigenous Populations in Canada. Janet Smylie and Michelle Firestone. Statistical Journal of the IAOS.

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