Forum for Indigenous Implementation Research & Evaluation (FIIRE) Network

What is FIIRE?

FIIRE stands for “Forum for Indigenous Implementation Research & Evaluation (FIIRE) Network”.

It is an Indigenous knowledge network and an integral part of the Pathways to Health Equity for Aboriginal Peoples.

Knowledge network = group of experts that a) collaborate on common concerns, b) strengthen collective knowledge bases, and c) develop solutions to concerns.


Who is involved?

Representatives from 9 national and regional Aboriginal organizations (involved in the Pathways to Health Equity for Aboriginal Peoples), Well Living House researchers and trainees, identified researchers leading exemplar studies in Indigenous health implementation projects, and a select group of Indigenous public health policy makers.


What does FIIRE do?

This team meets quarterly by teleconference and annually in person. When FIIRE meets, a lot of information is shared and discussed. For example, systematic reviews conducted by Well Living House researchers are presented and a dialogue circle to achieve consensus takes place. FIIRE has established working groups to work on 4 national consensus documents on Indigenous implementation science. The establishment of the FIIRE is intended to use an Indigenous approach that works with the complexities and assumptions of both Indigenous and mainstream academic knowledge and practices.