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Statement of solidarity

July 14, 2020 - Written by:

It is from a place of deep emotional, mental, and spiritual love that Well Living House stands with our Black relatives facing violence around the world. The roots of this violence are intertwined with those that continue to take Indigenous lives: stripping us from our lands, culture, and relations. Colonialism and racism have been systematically set-up in every facet of Euro-western derived societies to enact harm against Black and Indigenous peoples. Our historical and ongoing experiences under colonialism are distinct, diverse, yet overlapping. There is a need to honour all of our distinct voices and experiences and harmonize our efforts. It is a powerful anti-colonial act indeed when Black and Indigenous leaders and communities work together to purposefully and strategically dismantle structurally violent and systemically racist systems. Black Lives Matter.

Be kind to yourself and each other during this difficult time, and take a moment to reflect on what it means to support one-another. It’s not only the time to grieve those who have been lost, but also to uplift those who are living. Buy and share food from Black and Indigenous owned businesses; make a prayer for those harmed by racism; talk with your cousins, aunties, uncles, and Elders about the overlapping and distinct issues that Black and Indigenous people face every day; or join a community group that is looking to build solidarity across Turtle Island. Canadian Roots Exchange is preparing to launch a national program that brings together Indigenous, Black, and Afro-Indigenous youth to explore the historical and contemporary solidarity between Black and Indigenous peoples – email them at to get involved. There are also many local agencies that could use your support, let us know if you need help finding one.

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